Thursday, August 28, 2014


Hey y'all!!!!

Ok so I know I have been MIA for a LLOOOONNNNGGGG time, but life got the best of me.

A) I was dealing with family issues upon my grandfathers passing
B) I went on VACATION!!!! (that was a much needed break!)
C) My baby started school :(
D) My littlest has been sick.

SSSOOOOO I think I will just tell you guys all about what has been going on for the past couple of months!!!

So family DRAMA. It's a shame when your a loved one passes away and all others want to do is be mad at him AFTER he is gone. All I have to say about any situation, make sure your will is in order and you have all the proper documents. One great article on the 25 documents you should have can be found >>>>>Here<<<<<
I think this should be on everyone's mind, just like 401k, mortgage payoff, funds for your children, and your funeral paid for, including the plot or creamation.

Now the fun part!!!!!

We went to my home town of .......
Can anyone guess????
I'll give you a hint... it's really easy!
Any guesses????
OKLAHOMA people!!!!! Geeze!!!

No, but really, we went to Lake Eufaula.
Did you know that it is the largest man made lake in Oklahoma with over 600 miles of shore line??? I mean HOLY COW!!!! Thats a big MAN MADE LAKE!

Any who, the soon-to-be-hubby-maybe-one-day learned how to water ski! I am so proud of him! now me on the other hand, I didn't dare try because I used to try to knee board, and lets just say I look like a dolphin that does NOT know how to swim. Yeah it's THAT bad!

And I got to spend the day with my bestie forever!!!!! We have been friends since I slammed the door in her face. Well maybe not that PARTICULAR day but soon after. (funny story actually)

I seriously love this strong, loving, independent woman right here..

She really has to be my other half in woman form. If I was a lesbian, this woman would be my wife.... We have been through so many ups and downs it's not even funny!!!! I love you TT and I will see you again soon!!!

Off to my babies!
My 5 year old boo bear started Kindergarten!!!! I cried like a little baby.
The day started off with the bus driving right on by, so we had to take him to school. No big deal, I wanted too anyway but he wanted to be a big boy :(
Then it comes time for the bus to drop him off.... well the bus didn't drop him off.... it just drove right on by. So I call the school and see if I need to pick him up at the school or what, and guess what?!?! She told me that she didn't know if my child was on the bus or not. OH EM GEE!!!! You want to talk about someone who showed their ugly side!!! OH this momma was MMMMMAAAAAAADDDDDD! I finally got him home at 4:30 (he is supposed to be home at 3:30) and needless to say, my 5 year old showed the bus driver how to get home. Yes ladies and gents, my kid knows how to get home by landmarks. He can't tell you his address or his phone number, but he can tell you where he lives. Proud momma moment when I heard that!

My little fat-fat popped a tooth out!! On top of that, he had thrush for about a week or so. That was a nightmare!!!!
~What is thrush? It is a yeast infection in your mouth that goes throughout your digestive system. Anyone can get it when your enzymes that normally break down yeast from daily consumption, just doesn't break it down any more.
So he had thrush, and almost always, you get a diaper rash. Well we got medicine for his thrush and his diaper rash and he started healing. His mouth was all clear and his diaper rash was getting worse. Why??? It ended up being that he developed an allergy to the dyes in his diaper when he urinated. So now we have all white diapers and he is on the mend......
But now my little snaggle tooth is popping another tooth.
He can not sing "all I want for christmas is my two front teeth". Although they are on the bottom, so I guess technically he can. OOOOHHHHH He is my snaggly rabbit!!!! haha. I just cracked my self up!!!!

Love y'all!!!!