Wednesday, February 26, 2014

busy busy busy

Hi Ya'll!!!
So I know I haven't posted in a bit :( I'm so sorry!!!! I will be posting tomorrow something exciting that has been keeping me busy~ the 2014 Silhouette Card Exchange! It has definitely been a whirlwind of emotions! My hubby-to-be-maybe-one-day has put up with my shenanigans and crafting tornado that has taken the kitchen table hostage for quite sometime now. I love you baby and I promise to have it cleaned up soon! :*:*:*

My little fat-fat

I was asked today by a friend what I do with my little fat fat. Do I breast feed or formula feed? The answer to that is formula feed. So lets get into this discussion.
I originally planned on only breastfeeding, however there are people who just do not produce enough, and well that was me. I have been told I didn't try hard enough blah blah blah....  I did everything I could. I went to lactation consultants for advice, I took fenugreek, drank mothers milk tea, tried warm milk with sesame seeds, drank 80+ oz of water a day, put him to the breast every time and then pumped 10 minutes after for a 1/3 hour, etc. I just could not keep up with his demand. So I supplemented with formula. Whatever he didn't get from me, he got from formula. If this is something that happens to you, DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED!!! Stress does not help WHAT-SO-EVER! I also recently found out (3 months later after researching it) fat-fat has a lip tie! We have a consultation tomorrow with his ENT to figure out what stage it is and what the next step is.
I am a firm believer in breast milk and that it does give the babies wonders of fortifying nutrients, however I do not knock down mothers who choose to solely formula feed. The baby is getting fed right?? RIGHT! So what difference does it make? I really is a matter on what you believe is best for YOUR baby!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Imagine and Create Thursday! (on wednesday this week)

SSSOOOOOOOO....... I have decided to do Imagine and Create Thursday!!!
Look I even have a
YYYAAAYYY some normality in an otherwise hectic schedule! This will mainly be focused on creating something in my art journal and if I have time maybe a little something extra. :) So here it goes!

I did my first art journal page... it was so fun!

First of all, I always use Gesso to coat the page. It helps with blending and you are able to use any medium you want!!!

For my background, I used the Faber-Castell Gelatos. Really I just picked colors I liked and mixed them. Now let me tell you, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these nifty little things!!!! They go on like crayons but YOU CAN BLEND THEM!!! Oh My Gosh!!!
I started to spray a stencil with Heidi Swapps ink line and I didn't much like the outcome so I covered most of it, but I do like this stuff 
I then took my modeling paste and stencils and went to town. I felt girly at the moment so it came out all frilly and UH-MAZ-ZING!!! I am partial to my own work and all its imperfections:)

 I also took Distress ink from Tim Holtz and sponged on "Imagine" through a stencil, then used embossing glitter. Yes, that's right, I glitterized it!!! Something that is not so normal for me. I am definitly kind of a tom-boy, with a glittery twist

I also took some  pearl acrylic paint that I got on super sale, I'm talking like $.25 cents for a tube!!! Anywho~ I put it around the "Imagine".

Here is the end result, I love it, IMPERFECTIONS and all:)
Hope you enjoy!!!