Friday, May 23, 2014

Wreck it wednesday! (starting on Friday)

Hey ya'll!
I'm noticing a trend going on that has someone doing artsy stuff every week. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE artsy stuff but I like to be different:)
Now that I am starting school again Monday I will have a busy work week and I figured I need a break!

Welcome to Wreck It Wednesday!!!!!!

I got inspired by a blogger bud named Lauren. She has an amazing blog called The Thinking Closet. Yup you should go check her out!!! I know I would (and do)!

So what is Wreck it Wednesday???? I got this new gem the other day called "Wreck This Journal" by Keri Smith.

It will help with my overwhelming need to be perfect ALL THE TIME!!! It gets a bit annoying!! 
Many times when you do art, there are supposed to be mess ups, screw ups, and IT'S OKAY!!!
Not in my book, I like to have everything turn out the way I planned. If it doesn't (which is 80% of the time) I feel overwhelmed, anxious and just all around mad. Welp, this book is supposed to help with all of that.... it is supposed to help you say "hey, messy is okay and you don't need to have EVERYTHING in it's place ALL THE TIME" 

So I decided to give it a shot!!! 

~~~~Here's the skinny~~~~
Every Wednesday I will post a new page that I have done:) The very first instruction in the journal is to carry it everywhere with you. So I can guarantee you that I did not do the post that day. It will probably have been done a very long time ago... but that is the excitement right??? That's how series are started... hehe!!

Here's the pic of the first page!!!

I seriously hope ya'll enjoy this journey with me! I know I will!!

With Love,

Monday, May 12, 2014

Silhouette Challange! May flowers mixed media art!

Hey ya"ll!!

          Man OH man do I have some goodies for ya'll!!!! First off let me say that I am in a group of some wonderful Facebook buddies that challenge us to use our SILHOUETTE machine to come up with some wonderful ideas. Which you can check out at the end of this post! YYYAAAYYYY!!!! Please go check them out!!!

Ok so... lets get the ball rolling with the May Challenge...... FLOWERS!!!!

I had a particularly hard time with this because I really do not like flowers. I KNOW, I KNOW weird right?!?!?!!? However, I had so much fun with this!!!! I kind of wrapped the mother's day present all in a pretty bow with this one :) I made a mixed media art canvas with flowers made from my Silhouette Portrait!

Lets go step by step shall we?!?
See this mundane thing right here.... yep an empty canvas.... YUCK!! Don't ya just hate that... well lets spruce it up:)

I took some cool tissue paper that I found at Michael's and started with a background.
I love working with tissue because you can texture it or make sure to get all the wrinkles and bubbles out for a smoother look.

Lets lay it out before pasting it down shall we?

I use a matte gel to paste it down. It works as a phenomenal glue and sealer!

Let's get to gluing!

After that is all said in done I took a simple cell phone photo and made it all antique lookin' in Picmonkey. Then printed it. I didn't like the clean crisp edges so I got to ripping and tearing... then gluing down with that awesome matte gel again!

This is what I came up with:)

I love mustaches' because they are too darn cute, but they are too clean and crisp lookin'

So I took this nifty stuff called distress ink by Tim Holtz... GREAT STUFF BY THE WAY!!!

I also took a stencil and traced it by rubbing it around. 

Now next came the paper flowers that I made with my Silhouette... ya know the one in the background ;)
I love that machine! I think it is my best friend!!

I pretty much just placed them where ever I thought they looked nice.

I took some clear stamps and my blue stazon and started stampin on some scrap white paper.. The saying is "Gammies Minions" which is a saying my 4 year old came up with after watching Despicible Me 2. He calls his brother his little minion because he is convinced that he will be his little worker one day.... OH CHILD, Do you not know you are my minion??? Mwahahaha.... no but really, wipe off the stove! JUUUSSSTTTT KKKIIIDDD DDDIIING!!
I also stamped their names.. Zane Lee and Abel Korbyn-Schuyler. Just in case she decides to forget one day:) I LOVE YOU MOMMA!!

This is the end result!!! I may have to go back and add some more flowers or lace.... because what girl doesn't love lace right????

 I think she will love it ... at least I hope so:)
It is simple yet fun.

So.... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you Momma's, God-Momma's, Auntie's, and Daddie's that are acting like Momma's too!

Love each and every one of you!!!


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