Monday, March 24, 2014

How do you store your stamps??

Hey ya'll!!!

Recently I have been researching ways to store my cling stamps because OH MY GOSH do they take up SO MUCH SPACE! I also don't have a nifty craft room because well, we had to make a nursery. Seems newborns need their own room right??


I have found these tote lookin thingys that seem nice but what happens if you have more than say, 24 stamps?? Also let's put aside that I did not want to spend 13+ and shipping for something that might store all my stamps. So the creativity juices started flowing and this is what I came up with:) hope ya'll enjoy!!!

First I had a 3" binder that I got at walmart for about 3 bucks in the clearance section.
Who's doesn't love cheap right?!?!?

Then I got these beautiful write on transparencies on ebay for 5 bucks and free shipping:) waaahhhhooooo!!!!

These zipable folders are from staples for 4 dollars! They sure are nifty and they do the trick!  Now to put it all together!!

First I rounded the corners on the transparencies so they wouldn't snag or cut the folders.

Put your stamps on the transparency and they will end up sticking to the folder so I put the separation film that come with the transparency pack as a protective cover for the back of the stamps. Then pop those bad mamma jammas in! Viola! You have a neat, organized, cheap way to store those awesome stamps!!!

Hope ya'll enjoy!!

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